What to post on …? The clamour from fans for a new post (well, some fans at least … Okay, okay! One!) is defeaning! But what do I say? I see that N. transcribes Tamil film songs when the mood strikes her! And UKG even breaks into song from time to time! But … the other UKG “spits me” of the attempt at poetry and all that! (Nor am I gifted with the skills!) So what am I to do? I know, I know, go and prepare my lecture for tomorrow! But fans ought not to be ignored!

What should a country blog like mine have in abundance? Lots of Tamil and Sanskrit verses! But is there a simple system for transliteration with the proper diacriticals, rendered with html? Tried a simple solution (LaTeX it up, and run htlatex!), but it outputs images for some of the letters, and the output doesn’t look good! So … if anyone out there can help me, please!

Let me start off auspiciously with a mangalashloka anyway, unmindful of the technical difficulties. Something short and sweet! This is the first one that comes to mind. Along with my – very rough! – translation.

nandahastamavalambya pāṇinā
mandamandamaravindalocanaḥ |
sañcaran kanakakiṅkiṇīravaḥ
santatam mama tanotu maṅgalam ||

May the lotus-eyed one always bless me with good, who, holding Nandagopa’s hand for support, patters about slowly on little feet, to the tinkling of the gold ornament tied around his waist.

Now, if this invocation doesn’t help my blog to take off, what will? Be back for more! I have promised that I shall write on constructibility and forcing here (the little that I manage to understand). Expect that too!

Got the diacriticals, thanks to Shreevatsa.



  1. Oh, I wonder if I submitted the same comment multiple times, absent-mindedly… you really should turn off comment moderation; you can anyway delete comments if you don’t like them. :)

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