Submitted a paper just now after an all-nighter! What better way to celebrate than a post? (Celebrate the work always, never the result! Also, I’ve decided long back that I cannot wait for a positive result to start celebrating. Might never get the chance…)

More music, what else? But this time I also submit for your approval a grand original kadi towards the end.

This piece is a tani avartanam on the mridangam by Shri Tiruchi Sankaran and on the ghatam by Shri T V Vasan. TS is really the current incarnation of Nandi; the reigning king! Enough said.

Apparently, Madurai Mani Iyer would keep saying, returning home after a concert along with the greatest mridangist of all time, Pazhani Subramania Pillai, intoxicated with his own melody and that of Pillai’s: “Pillaival! Anda gumukki… anda gumukki…” Can the inheritor of the throne be far behind? Listen to this, let your heart leap in joy, and become speechless!

The kadi: Listening to this, I couldn’t help think that Shri Tiruchi Sankaran is really non-wellfounded here. (Every kadi should have a stupid hint, so here’s it: axiom of regularity!)

Enjoy life! I shall be back with more.


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