My dear readers. I count it as a singular failing on my part not to have sampled a few immortal Tamil movies for your benefit. Worry not. Your long wait has come to an end! I present to you snatches from Arul, shown as part of the no longer Tamil New Year programmes in the “no longer do we have any issues with each other” channel.

A thing about the title – much apter would have been aruvaal, and don’t search for grace of any kind in the movie itself. The story is as follows.

The hero is an upright ordinary man, but the local MLA is a goonda, and his elder brother is kingmaker in politics. It so happens that one of the MLA’s goons does something wrong to the hero’s friends, and the hero picks up a fight with him. At this, the MLA himself comes with an army to kill him (yes!) in front of a javuli kadai where the hero is shopping, but the hero fights them single-handedly and in the fight thrashes the MLA, who dies (yes!).

Nice and interesting so far? Now some public-spirited policemen and some doctors somehow help the hero escape, and the bigwig swears revenge and tries to take down the hero’s family who have gone to a village festival. At this tense moment, what should happen but that the hero also goes to the festival, and everybody sings and dances!!

Then someone from the goonda gang mixes poison in the food meant to be served in the festival but it is found out and a major disaster is averted. But in the ensuing war of words between the hero and his father (yeah, they have a history of misunderstanding too!), the hero marries the heroine!

Shubham? No. The film goes on for an hour more at least. But let me spare you the details. Shubham!


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