Poem ahoy!

Oh pretty girl so potty,
marry early and party.
Lest you turn forty
and people call you paatti!

I am glad my blog is finally on its way to gaining a modicum of respectability with the appearance of original poems, but one has to admit that it involves considerable effort. Given below is the genesis of this post. Read it and decide for yourself!

S: Sir, I am looking at this website of a friend who is getting married. She also has a blog, which you’ll absolutely love!

Me: Wow, poetry and all! What k!

S: I don’t understand why everybody who has a blog has to write poetry! Why haven’t you, by the way?

Me (displaying a streak of brilliant आशुकवित्वम्): Here’s one! Think I can post it?

S: Moshtu definitely!

Two days later …

Me: Sir, the moment I came up with a poem, I am starting to display finer sensibilities like a poet. I am wondering how well it will be received, and all that!

S: But this is precisely thinking unlike a poet, illaiya? Post it, I say!



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