The music season!

After five Vijay Siva concerts, I went to listen to Prof. T N Krishnan and Viji Krishnan at Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium. To my surprise I was able to recognise all the songs they played! (I almost always attend vocal concerts, so had forgotten that this is an additional challenge!) I was trying to impress Padma (who had also come for the concert, along with her father) by (mis)identifying the ragas almost instantly. But she didn’t look too impressed! :(

But what to do with all the things I noted down about the concert? No way I shall let it go waste! Here it is for your edification, my dear readers!

Gajananayutam – Vegavahini – Adi
Nannu palimpa – Mohanam – Adi
Azhimazhaik kanna – Varali – Adi
Arivar yaar unnai – Mukhari – Mishracapu
Tolijanma – Bilahari – Khandacapu
RTP – Shanmukhapriya – Adi (the pallavi was “Sharavanabhava guruguha shanmukha”, rendered perhaps a thousand times by the evergreen Madurai Mani Iyer, perhaps five hundred of those accompanied by TNK himself! I am listening to one such rendition right now, as I am writing this post!)
Ramajogi – Khamas – Adi
Vangak kadal kadaindha – Surati – Rupakam (two Tiruppavais in one concert! The first one followed a Varali alapana, and featured niraval swarams!)
Something or the other – Sindhubhairavi

I liked the concert very much, though I felt let down by the mridangam of the veteran, Shri Guruvayur Dorai! Somehow it felt like the valanthalai (the right hand or treble side) didn’t “speak” at all! It must be me who has to learn more to appreciate him, I guess!

Now what was the use of writing all this, I am wondering… . Oh well, I can’t hope to reach the heights of my previous post with every piece of my writing, can I? So there you are!

Update: Ah yes! I forgot to say that I was completely stumped by the Varali piece till Padma said “Tiruppavai maadhiri irukke!” Of course it was Azhi mazhaik kanna!

Another significant event worth reporting! After reading about it so many times, this time I wanted to find it! So I took a detour into Karpagambal Nagar on the way back home from Pethachi Auditorium, and looked carefully at each house. And sure enough, there it was, near the door of house number 9 (but not near the gate, so you can’t see it unless you’re looking for it!), the magical words on the nameplate: “Ganakaladhara Madurai Mani Iyer”! Yes, there lived one of the greatest musicians of all time, and I have seen the place! (And what a beautiful cascade of swaras in his rendition of Koluvaiyunnade in Bhairavi, which is playing as I am writing this update!)


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  1. You forgot to mention that I helped you identify one of the Thiruppavais!
    Thank you for inviting me. I enjoyed it very much (enough for two people I think, if you get what I mean :P ).

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