Music … MDR …

Long time since I put out some music for my faithful readers out there! So here goes … . The other day I was listening to a beautiful kori sevimpa raare in kharaharapriya by M D Ramanathan. I was idly listening when the mridangist went to a different plane for about 15 seconds, just as the pallavi ended and the anupallavi was about to begin. And then I noticed that the rendition was full of small delights. The niraval and swarams were extremely playful! Giants like Shri Tiruchi Sankaran have said that it is a great challenge to play to MDR’s slow tempo, and I think both the violinist and the mridangist did an admirable job here.

As with everything else, this too reminded me of Madurai Mani Iyer’s playfulness, and I next found an inta saukhyamani ne in my collection that I hadn’t heard very often. Half an hour of complete joy! T N Krishnan’s alapana was sweetness personified. There are even ragamalika swarams at the end!

Listen and enjoy!

Some of you would rather I provided download links. Here they are:


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